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Hi-Tech Manufacturer Of Flexible Packaging Materials

About Us

Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Aware Packaging manufactures flexible packaging materials with customized designs and styles of the packages as needed by our customers. It is our motive to fulfill high quality requirements and satisfy our customer’s needs.

We Manufacture center sealed pouches, and side sealed pouches, stand-up pouches, zipper-locked pouches and much more.

Our Services

Some of the services with short descriptions are below:


-Center-seal, 3-side seal, stand-up, gusseted pouches with zipper facility & valve pouches.
– Maximum speed 500 mm / min.
– High Performance sealant layer.


– Accurate slitting with flush-cut winding.
– Precise winding tension control system.
– Suitable for films, papers and laminates.
– Finished reel diameter up to 800 mm

The only place where you’ll get all kinds of desired packaging materials.

Need Packaging Products Manufactured As Per Your Needs? We Are Experts!